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Construction of Molded Coke

1. Project Title
Construction of Molded Coke Production, Research and Development Center
2. Organizer Name
 Construction and Investment Company of Taiyuan High & New District
3. Brief Introduction to the Organizer
The company was established in May, 2003 as an investment and financing body in the high & new district. The company was a state-owned company and was approved by the management committee of Taiyuan High & New District. It was jointly invested and established by the financial bureau of Taiyuan High&New District and Property Center of Taiyuan High&New District with the registered capital of RMB200 million.
4. Project Overview
 4.1 Project Content
The project is a sub-project to the project of foundation of a national first class coal chemical technical research and development base, which is attached great importance by the Shanxi Provincial Government. Currently, most of the domestic metallurgy, chemical, fertilizer and calcium carbide factories use cokes as the raw material. However, currently coke production is with no suitable molding technologies and most of the coke powder can be only treated as low-degree fuels. The center mainly utilizes the molding of coke powders by using qualified molding agents and formula to develop molded coke to take place of part of the coke in metallurgy, chemical, fertilizer, calcium carbide and other industries. The project is in accordance with the national scientific renovation policies and environmental protection requirements with obvious economic and social benefit.
 4.2 Investment Budget
The total investment of the project is USD13.75 million, of which, USD5.5 million raised by the company and USD8.25 million financed by capital attraction.
 4.3 Construction Content and Scale
     The project covers an area of about 30 mu with construction area of 20,000m2. Research and development comprehensive building and supporting facilities will be built.
  4.4 Supporting Conditions
     Relevant facilities and the onsite conditions meet standard of "seven supplies and one leveling" (i.e. supply of electricity, road, water, communication, drainage, drain contamination and closed-circuit televsion as well as leveled ground) and ready for project construction.
  4.5 Market Forecasting & Economic Benefit Analysis
      The project will not only enable energy saving and environmental protection, but also realize profit increase. Favorable policies of the coal chemical base in terms of land, fund and talents, and great support from the provincial government will be enjoyed. Therefore the project is with low risks.
5. Progress of the Preliminary Review of the Applied Project
The project is in accordance with the industrial policies set up by the state as well as the province. At present, the project is under deep phase of feasibility study.
6. Planned Capital Attracting Means
Joint venture and cooperation
7. Contact Means of the Applying Unit
 Add: 2nd Floor, Kexiang Tower, High & New TechnologyIndustrial Park, Xuefu
 Street, TaiyuanCity
 Contact Person: Zhang liWei
 Tel: 0351-7035525
 Fax: 0351-7037058
Postcode: 030006

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