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Chinese Cooked Wheaten FoodMuseum Project

 1.     Project Title
 Chinese Cooked Wheaten FoodMuseum Project
 2.     Organizer Name
 Shanxi Taiyuan Jiangnan Food & Beverage Group Co. Ltd
 3.     Brief Introduction to the Organizer
With the registered capital of RMB 50 million yuan, the corporation is a large private enterprise dedicating to modern management of food and beverage business. It devotes every effort to running restaurants especially in Chinese food industrialization. It has been listed with honor in the top 100 enterprises of Chinese food and beverage industry for many consecutive years. The corporation is now in possession of branch corporations such as Shanxi Jiangnan Food and Drink service Co. Ltd (with 3 branches of Kaihua Temple Jiangnan Restaurant, Tao Yuan Chun Jiangnan Restaurant and Jiangnan Food City), Shanxi Jiangnan Grand Hotel Co. Ltd, All-Shanxi Club House Development Corporation, Taiyuan Jiangnan Food Distribution Co. Ltd and Shanxi Yijia Laundry Industry Co. Ltd., etc. The group owns the total assets of RMB 300 million yuan and a staff of more than 3, 000 employees.
4. Project Overview
4.1 Project Description
Chinese Cooked Wheaten Food Museum is a comprehensive cultural tourism project that integrates culture show center, tourism experiencing center and cooked wheaten food industry radiation base together. The floor area is 60 mu with thebuilding area of 30 thousand square meters.This project consists 5 systems: the display and experiencing zone, exhibition zone, cooked wheaten food culture plaza (the field where cooked wheaten food festival will be held), Chinese cooked wheaten food arts and handicrafts (folk-custom) museum and the performance hall.
4.2Investment Budget
The total investment will be 38 million USD among which 25 million USD will be an attracted capital.
4.3 Construction Scale and Content
30 thousand square meters. A. Display and exhibition zone; B. Education Research Center; C. Tourists Experiencing Zone; D. Commodities Sales Zone; E. Recreation and Entertainment Zone; F. Performance Center.
4.4 Supporting Conditions
This project is planned to be located in the Taiyuan Changfeng Culture and Business District and all supporting conditions are able to meets the demands.
4.5 Market Forecasting and Economic Benefit Analysis
After the completion of the project, it will attract about 1 million person-times tourists both from domestic and abroad in the first year (corresponding to 50% of the total tourists coming to Taiyuan City in the year of 2002), among which there will be about 4.8 million person-times domestic tourists and 0.2 million person-times foreign tourists. Calculating by the increment of 8-12% each year, this number of tourists will reach 7.34 million person-times in the fifth year, among which domestic tourists will be 7 million person-times and foreign tourists will be 0.34 million person-times. Then from this rapid increasing period (annual increment of 8-12%), it will enter the stable increasing period (annual increment of 5-3%) gradually. Estimated income: the annual income will reach a total of 33.375 million USD.
5. Progress of the Preliminary Review of the Applied Project
It is consistent with the industrial policies in both the state level and the provincial level. This project is under registration application. At present, it has been approved by the relevant authorities in charge of land resources, environmental protection and urban construction planningthrough preliminary reviewing.
6. Planned Capital Attracting Means
7. Contact Means of the Applying Unit
#65 Kaihua Temple Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi
Project Leader: Yang Yu
Tel: 0351-4153955、13934214561
Fax: 0351-4153966

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