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Small Wutai Mountain Project

 1. Project Title
 Cultural Relics and Scenic Tourism Area of SmallWutaiMountain Project
   2. Organizer Name
 Cultural Relics and Tourism Bureau of YangquCounty
   3. Brief Introduction to the Organizer
 The Cultural Relics and Tourism Bureau of Yangqu County is a functional department of the People’s Government of Yangqu County. It is in charge of cultural relics and tourism work in the county.
  4. Project Overview
 4.1 Project Content
 With its peak 1,914m above sea level, Small Wutai (Five Platforms) Mountain derives its name from 5 platform tops (seating at east, west, south, north and center respectively ) forming a circle. These 5 platform tops are like 5 towering pillars, high into the sky. Small Wutai is an agricultural, ecological, cultural relic, scenic and tourism resort which integrates human history, classic stories, Buddhism wisdom, natural ecology, elegant peaks and deep valleys into one body and abounds in natural resources. The scenic area consists of 5 peaks and 3 ravines and is divided into 11 scenic spots, namely old temples, forest, flowers and grasses, water scenery, bird watching, leisure and vacationing in the wilderness, citizen fitness, ancient folklore and custom showing, Tang Dynasty sculptures, sightseeing and shopping and natural ecology. Repair works: Wen Shu Temple, White Cloud Edge, Crystal Palace, Aeolus Store and WenchangPalace. Renovation works: Temple, octagonal Building and MonasteryTowerForest. New construction works: park, riddle valley leisure and vocation area, water scenery area, bird watching area, citizen fitness area, natural ecological zone, tourism and shopping area and road, etc.
 4.2 Investment Budget
 The total investment is estimated to be 12.79 million USD. Of which, 10.22 million USD will be attracted from foreign funds. 
 4.3 Construction Scale & Construction Content
 Tourists of 300,000 person-times are expected to be received annually. The construction content is development of the cultural relic and scenic tourism area at SmallWutaiMountain.
 4.4 Supporting Conditions
 All can meet the needs.
 4.5 Market Forecasting & Economic Benefit Analysis
 When it is completed, the project is expected to receive tourists of 300,000 person-times annually, generating the annual revenue of 8.50 million USD, the profit of 3.29 million USD and tax payments of 630,000 USD. The rate of return on investment is 19.29%, while the investment return cycle is 7 years.
 5. Progress of the Preliminary Review of the Applied Project
 The project is in accordance with the industrial policies set up by the state as well as the province. It is under the progress of applying for project approval. At present, it has been approved by the relevant authorities in charge of land resources, environmental protection and urban construction and planning through preliminary examination.
 6. Planned Capital Attracting Means
 Joint venture & cooperation
 7. Contact Means of the Applying Unit
 Add: No.74 Shouyi Road W.
 , Yangqu County, Taiyuan
 Project Leader: Li Chengxi
 Tel: 0351- 5521271 MP: 13934146980

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