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Construction Project of International Logistics

1. Project Title
  Construction Project of International Logistics Center in Taiyuan
2. Organizer Name
 Administrative Committee of Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Development Zone
3. Brief Introduction to the Organizer
This unit is the agency of Taiyuan municipal government, exercising city-level administrative economic management function. It is responsible for various kinds of work including formulation and implementation of each preferential policy within the garden area, business and investment promotion, infrastructural construction, comprehensive management and etc.
4. Project Overview
 4.1 Project Description
Construction of Taiyuan international logistics center mainly includes: 1) freight transferring area: private railroad line, international container yard, road diversion center and freight agency business area, occupying an area of 250 Mu; 2) comprehensive service area: Shanxi Industrial Product Purchasing and Tendering Center, logistics administration, information service, apartments, dining, product exhibition, refueling, automobile service and etc, covering an area of 200 Mu; 3) packing and logistics processing zone: it covers an area of 300 Mu; 4) storage and distribution area: it covers an area of 250 Mu.
 4.2 Investment Budget
It is estimated that a total investment of USD 65 million will be required and USD 60 million will be introduced from overseas.
 4.3 Construction Scale and Content
The project occupies an area of 1,000 Mu. It plans to newly build Taiyuan International Logistics Center, which includes freight transferring area, comprehensive service area, packing and logistics processing zone as well as storage and distribution zone.
 4.4 Supporting Conditions
The selection work for project location has been finished. The supporting facilities of the project have been completed.
 4.5 Market Forecasting & Economic Benefit Analysis
With superior location and complete supporting facilities, its market development prospect is favorable.
5. Progress of the Preliminary Review of the Applied Project
The project is in accordance with the industrial policies set up by the state as well as the province. At present, it has been approved through preliminary reviewing by the relevant authorities in charge of land resources, environmental protection, urban construction and planning, and etc. It is under the progress for registration application.
6. Planned Capital Attracting Means
7. Contact Means of the Applying Unit
 Add:Stainless Steel Industrial Development Zone in Taiyuan City
 Contact Person: Guo Hongqiang, Wang Weiqing
 Phone: 0351-5655333
 Fax: 0351-3938888
Code: 030008

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